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    How true, wisdom from a 5 year old

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    I tried to redraw that one scene I’ve waited for
    It’s kind of wonky because HOW DO YOU EVEN DRAW THAT HOW DID HE NOT BREAK HIS NECK??

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  3. Reblog if you are NOT asexual but you still believe in asexuality



    Please reblog if you are NOT asexual, grey-asexual, or demisexual, but you still believe that it is a legitimate sexual orientation.

    If you ARE asexual, grey-asexual, or demisexual reblog THIS post

    I’m preparing to come out to my parents

    Best of luck with that (if you haven’t done so already)! Hopefully your parents will accept what you choose to identify as, rather than needing thousands of people telling them to do so, but either way, here for you. ^_^

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    You’ll do what?

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    Not gonna lie some guy literally walked down my road an hour ago drawing faces on everybody’s cars

    What a cockmunch

    Like, he could have been nice and actually wiped their cars off

    but instead he drew faces on them as if to say “I was here and put effort in to do something, but it was something useless.”


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    Girls need to stop wearing crop tops or I might have to resort to action by tickling them and blowing on their tummies bc they’re so darn cute


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    This is one of the best fucking gifs I have ever seen

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